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  • 21 Jun '16

    Top 10 End of Year Gift Ideas for Your Class

    Every year, we get lots and lots of questions on what to do for children at the end of the school year. It's a sort of thank you and good bye present all at the same time, and we know that... Read More
  • 20 Jun '16

    Twinkl Elderly Care Materials

    Here at Twinkl we're always coming up with new ideas, and we're sure you'll agree that our most recent idea is a great one! During the past few months we have been producing a new... Read More
  • 16 Jun '16

    Twinkl Teach Event

    Last week, Twinkl hosted our very first Twinkl Teach Event - how exciting! One of the things we've always strived to do a Twinkl is to help out teaching communities wherever we can. We realised... Read More
  • 15 Jun '16

    Fabulous Father's Day Ideas

    Father's Day has crept up on us again this year - if your house is anything like mine, it will be pretty much like any normal day - but it's always nice to mark special occasions, and as... Read More
  • 15 Jun '16

    Top 10 Transition Ideas

    It's that time of year again - meeting your new class, transition, whatever you want to call it. Some schools just do an afternoon - some do a whole week! But however you choose to do it, use... Read More
  • 13 Jun '16

    Phonics Screening Check - FAQ

    So it's Phonics Screening Check Week in KS1 this week - here are some FAQ that we've been seeing in our KS1 Facebook Group and replies from our very own Kate Twinkl (KS1 specialist), which... Read More
  • 7 Jun '16

    Guest Post - Volcano Experiments by Laura Hobbs

    This is a guest post by volcanologist, Laura Hobbs, who has helped with some of the volcano resources on Twinkl. Science from the Start provides play-based science learning activities for children... Read More
  • 6 Jun '16

    Childcare Expo Manchester 2016

    Early years practitioners will have plenty to explore this month at Childcare Expo Manchester. The exhibition will be taking place at EventCity for the first time, conveniently located next door to... Read More
  • 6 Jun '16

    New Reception PE Planning Materials

    If you're anything like me, then anything deemed "SPECIALIST SUBJECT" I quake in fear at. Although having said that I quite like ICT/Computing and Science - I guess it depends where... Read More
  • 1 Jun '16

    Renew Early and Get Two Months Free

    Here at Twinkl, we're all about helping the teaching community. In everything we do, we genuinely ask ourselves - and each other - how is this helping teachers, childminders, teaching... Read More
  • 25 May '16

    Guest Post from Ofamily - Using the Twinkl font to customise activities

    When I started teaching my daughter to read and write she found it very frustrating that different books used different fonts. I initially tried to download pages for her from numerous websites but... Read More
  • 19 May '16

    Top Tips for Your Job Interview Observation

    It's that time of year again! Job interview season - and with that means the stress and worry of the job interview observation. There is nothing more terrifying than being judged on your... Read More
  • 18 May '16

    Starting School - A Parent's Perspective

    This is a guest post from Faye who blogs over at and writes about the parental perspective of a child starting school. Read More
  • 17 May '16

    The New Twinkl Font!

    Since Twinkl began, 6 years ago now, we've been growing and growing and trying our very best to help lots of educators the world over. As part of that journey, Twinkl have now reached an Read More
  • 17 May '16

    Refer a School Offer

    Quite often when we meet people (this does happen sometimes...) they're surprised to hear that Twinkl offer a school subscription as well as individual subscriptions - though in fact, over 4000... Read More
  • 9 May '16

    Childminder Appreciation Week

    Dear Childminders. If there's one thing that's truly important in this world, it's making sure that children are well cared for, nurtured and made to feel safe. Day in, day out,... Read More
  • 3 May '16

    Top 10 KS2 SATs Revision Resources!

    It's nearly here people - not the end of term - but KS2 SATs! Don't they come around quickly after Easter? And this year has been even more stressful than usual what with all the changes... Read More
  • 27 Apr '16

    Twinkl and Smarter Spaces Young Designers Competition!

    The Smarter Spaces campaign - powered by Dulux - has launched its national Young Designers Competition. For the second year running, the competition offers primary and secondary school pupils... Read More
  • 26 Apr '16

    TA Appreciation

    It's pretty well known that Teaching Assistants (and learning support assistants, learning mentors, 1:1s etc) are the unsung heroes of education, who do more than their share of extra unpaid... Read More
  • 21 Apr '16

    Top 10 Facts About The KS2 SATs!

    Confused about what's going on with KS2 SATs this year? You and lots of other people! So we've put together the key information that you need to know about this very subject, read on! Read More