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  • 14 Jul '16

    Twinkl Australia! Social Media Information

    This is a guest post written by Twinkl Australia team member Rebecca. Read More
  • 12 Jul '16

    Twinkl Inspiration Zone at the Childcare Expo Midlands

    We are delighted to be presenting a series of workshops at Childcare Expo Midlands and invites everyone to come along and join in the fun at the Twinkl Inspiration Zone. To kick start each day, find... Read More
  • 11 Jul '16

    Olympic Teaching Ideas

    It's that time of the year again - an epic advert has come out - and with it lots of teaching ideas. Best of all it's all about The Olympics - make this term a Summer of sport and get... Read More
  • 8 Jul '16

    Top 10 Free Twinkl resources to use with Home Learning

    We use a lot of the FREE Twinkl resources in our home learning so when I said I would write a post about my top 10 favourite resources I thought it would be easy and quick to do but I did not... Read More
  • 6 Jul '16

    Twinkl Create and Transition

    If you haven't heard about it already, our awesome tool Twinkl Create is definitely worth a look. It's an easy peasy way to create personalised resources for your classroom and children in... Read More
  • 4 Jul '16

    Free Ideas for Parents!

    As everyone knows by now, Twinkl isn't just about helping out teachers - in fact our members range from childminders to teaching assistants, head teachers to home educators and for sure,... Read More
  • 4 Jul '16

    Blogger Challenge

    We love bloggers here at Twinkl and we've worked with loads of people in the past! We really love seeing our materials come to life in the hands of children and their super creative parents,... Read More
  • 28 Jun '16

    Top Tips - KS1 Transition

    You love our ideas for transition so we thought of some ideas specifically for KS1! Here we go.. Read More
  • 28 Jun '16

    Introducing Enkl!

    Here at Twinkl, we're all about introducing new and innovative ideas to really get the creative juices flowing. We're lucky enough to have lots of great people working with us, who are... Read More
  • 24 Jun '16

    Twinkl Cares

    In times of instability, there's always one constant, and that's us. Read More
  • 22 Jun '16

    Top NAIDOC Teaching Ideas

    This is a guest post from our lovely team member Rebecca who lives and teaches in Australia. The first week of July is fast approaching and with that comes NAIDOC Week. NAIDOC celebrates the... Read More
  • 21 Jun '16

    Win! Double Gratstack and Pritt Goodies With Our Olympic Challenge

    We love a good giveaway - and if we can link it to an event then well, that's even better! With the Olympics looming, we thought it would be lovely to inspire each other with some truly awesome... Read More
  • 21 Jun '16

    Top 10 End of Year Gift Ideas for Your Class

    Every year, we get lots and lots of questions on what to do for children at the end of the school year. It's a sort of thank you and good bye present all at the same time, and we know that... Read More
  • 20 Jun '16

    Twinkl Elderly Care Materials

    Here at Twinkl we're always coming up with new ideas, and we're sure you'll agree that our most recent idea is a great one! During the past few months we have been producing a new... Read More
  • 16 Jun '16

    Twinkl Teach Event

    Last week, Twinkl hosted our very first Twinkl Teach Event - how exciting! One of the things we've always strived to do a Twinkl is to help out teaching communities wherever we can. We realised... Read More
  • 15 Jun '16

    Fabulous Father's Day Ideas

    Father's Day has crept up on us again this year - if your house is anything like mine, it will be pretty much like any normal day - but it's always nice to mark special occasions, and as... Read More
  • 15 Jun '16

    Top 10 Transition Ideas

    It's that time of year again - meeting your new class, transition, whatever you want to call it. Some schools just do an afternoon - some do a whole week! But however you choose to do it, use... Read More
  • 13 Jun '16

    Phonics Screening Check - FAQ

    So it's Phonics Screening Check Week in KS1 this week - here are some FAQ that we've been seeing in our KS1 Facebook Group and replies from our very own Kate Twinkl (KS1 specialist), which... Read More
  • 7 Jun '16

    Guest Post - Volcano Experiments by Laura Hobbs

    This is a guest post by volcanologist, Laura Hobbs, who has helped with some of the volcano resources on Twinkl. Science from the Start provides play-based science learning activities for children... Read More
  • 6 Jun '16

    Childcare Expo Manchester 2016

    Early years practitioners will have plenty to explore this month at Childcare Expo Manchester. The exhibition will be taking place at EventCity for the first time, conveniently located next door to... Read More