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25 Nov '14

Christmas Handprint Art!

Christmas is one of those times of year where really creative people can really flex their creativity and create some truly inspired cards, ornaments and general Christmassy things that never fail to impress. The rest of us however, are left flailing around, desperately trying to think of something original and unique to send home to parents.

Here at twinkl, we've recently become big fans of what I call, "hand print art" though of course there's nothing to stop you using feet as well! I've noticed loads of awesome examples on Pinterest and facebook of people using their hand and foot prints in very Christmassy and child friendly ways. Here are my seven favourites...

1) Foot print Snowmen (we have one here) - this one is lovely! Print onto blue card for the full effect in white paint. When the prints are dry, paint little faces and hats onto each finger as you see in the photo. Voila!

Twinkl Christmas Footprint Snowman

2) Santa Hand Print Card (we have one here) - again this uses the hand print, but this time upside down! Print onto green card for the full effect in white. When dry, paint a sort of flesh colour at the top for Santa's face and a red hat with cotton wool balls to make the furry part of the hat. Done!

twinkl christmas handprint santa father christmas card

3) Christmas Tree Footprint - a total crowd pleaser, paint feet green and toes pink (or any colour!) and angle them on white card heels together facing downwards like the photo. Wait to dry then paint a yellow star at the top, or use glitter for an even more dramatic effect!


4) Handprint Christmas Tree (we have one here) - this is a good one to do in a group! Paint lots of little hands green (or the same hand multiple times) and ask children to print in a Christmas tree formation (I can see there being plenty of mishaps in this one!). Leave to dry then paint a nice star and tree stump at the bottom. Done!

Twinkl Christmas tree display

5) Footprint Reindeer - a nice easy one! Paint feet brown with red dot on the heel (or can be added on later). Wait to dry and then paint on black antlers and eyes. Result! See our Reindeer Footprint pack here!

Twinkl Christmas footprint reindeer card

6) Hand Print Reindeer Card (we have one here) - is perfect for sending home with children, and is one parents will treasure forever! Paint hands brown, print onto paper, wait to dry and then cut out. Stick onto the top of red card with our reindeer stuck underneath. Job's a good 'un!

Twinkl Christmas Handprint reindeer card



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