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28 Jul '15

Guest post - Fun Rainy Day Mosaics!

This Summer we will be regularly featuring guest posts from bloggers about ways to keep children entertained in the holidays, and fun ideas for your setting too! This guest post is from lovely blogger Angela with some ideas for creative mosaics.

Fun Rainy Day Mosaics

When I was young I used to love getting out my paper, glue and different coloured paper and making my own mosaics.  Now that I have children of my own, I have taught them to make mosaics of their own, with some help from me.

Why do I love making them so much? They are fun, easy to make and keeps the children entertained and encourages them to use their own imaginations to create their own style.  
There is not one single way of doing this. You can cut the paper into small pieces, cut larger pieces to fit the shape of the section you are filling in or you can mix and match between the two, it is up to you.

So here is my easy step guide to making mosaic pictures.

What do I need?
Plain paper (white preferably)
Pencil (for drawing outline of picture)
Glue Stick
different coloured paper (tissue paper is best)
Scissors (adult supervision needed of course)


How do I make my own picture?

- On the plain piece of paper draw the picture you want to decorate.

Fun Rainy Day Mosaics

- Choose which colours you want to use, the brighter the better!
- Cut out the sized pieces you are wanting. You can even tear bits off and scrunch it up if you want, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Fun Rainy Day Mosaics

- Apply glue to the back of the tissue paper and stick onto your drawing.

Fun Rainy Day Mosaics

- Keep going until you have covered all sections.

Fun Rainy Day Mosaics

See it really is that simple, fun and the main thing is, it does not have to be perfect.

The best thing about this activity is there is no age limit! My favourite picture to turn into a mosaic is a flower, Liam (5) loves to create colourful cars and Sophie (2) enjoys creating a princess.   

This inexpensive craft idea will have your children creating and using their imaginations for hours. Perfect way to keep them entertained!

If you have a creative idea you would like to see featured on the twinkl blog, please email :)

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