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27 Mar '17

Introducing Twinkl Go!

Here at Twinkl, we're always looking for new ways to engage your children - and we think we've come up with something that everyone will love! Introducing - Twinkl Go! These are not teaching materials as you know it, instead, they provide new methods of teaching and learning using modern advancements in technology using a computer or mobile device. 

Twinkl Go

First of all, take a look at Go Engage. This allows children to take ownership of their own learning experiences through the interactive features and playful tools available, including buttons, audio/video, animation and hyperlinks. Use interactive posters and click on hotspots to reveal information, look at our information PDFs with interactive features - you'll be amazed! Not forgetting our animations and games, that bring learning to life with moving chatacters and more.

Go Respond allows you to interact with learning in a whole new way, using editable fields. Go Respond resources allow children to respond digitally, removing the need to print and includes check boxes, hyperlinks, drop down lists and editable text boxes. Choose from comprehension activities, activity sheets and more!

Go Venture takes children on a journey outside of traditional teaching spaces, be it physically or visually. Includes QR Code technology that reveals information - so children can discover as they go! Find out more from our guest blogger Emma here.

Minibeast Home Code Hunter

Find out more in our useful User Guide here - and GO! 


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