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23 Feb '17

Keeping a 4 Year Old Busy on the Train with Twinkl

Half term holidays for us means a chance to go on an adventure. This February half term we decided to visit London for the day by train. As the journey is a five hour round trip we needed several ways to entertain our four year old son. The activities needed to be lightweight as we would be carrying them all day and also varied to make the journey fun and educational. Twinkl has many resources to choose from. With a small amount of preparation we were able to keep Adam entertained on a busy train.

Our London adventure started even before we got on the train. Together Adam and I looked through the London Landmark Photos Powerpoint to give him an insight into what he may see on our day out.

Twinkl train

Once settled on the train I gave Adam his first activity - the London Wordseach. There were two versions of the game, a simplified crossword with large letters or a more difficult one. Adam preferred the more complex activity. He loved reading the words, locating them within the wordsearch and circling each word. The game not only kept Adam occupied for a large portion of the journey and helped develop Adams phonic knowledge, but also it initiated conversation about each London key word.

Keeping a 4 Year Old Busy on the Train w

He then turned his attention to the London Colouring Pages. I had printed the 17 images so they were A6 sized (four pictures to a page). I had purchased a small Colouring Case which contained wax crayons, water colour paints and a pencil. The colouring case and the colouring pages were stored in a zip loc bag and meant that Adam could colour in famous London landmarks on the train.

Colouring busy bag

I decided to take it one step further. I have never thought of painting on a train before. As we had small watercolour paints and a tiny paintbrush I thought it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Painting on a train

I poured a small amount of water into a bottle top lid and let Adam explore the paints. Although we had baby wipes to hand, I was surprised how easy and mess free painting on a train can be.

Twinkl map

So far Twinkl resources had managed to occupy Adam on the outbound 2 ½ hour train journey. However, we didn’t stop using the resources there. With the Twinkl London Underground Map in his hand Adam managed to direct us to where we needed to go.

Throughout the day Adam kept using the London I Spy With My Little Eye checklist. Whenever he spotted a famous landmark he ticked it off his list. The sheet came in very handy whilst on the Emirates Air Line over the River Thames. During the crossing he managed to spot the Olympic Park Orbit Statue in the distance.

London I Spy from Twinkl

After a full day of sightseeing you might have expected Adam to be tired enough to sleep on the journey home. However, Adam was still full of energy. Luckily I had some more colouring pages to hand.

London Mini book

Before the journey I had used the London Mini Book Template to create a six page book in the shape of a bus. Adam is at the early stages of writing but he was inspired to fill the book with information about his London adventure.

Writing about London

After such a successful journey we will no doubt be using Twinkl resources on future train journeys. We already have our eye on the London Paper Model resources. With scissors and glue we could make a 3D map of landmarks including London Eye and Buckingham Palace whilst on the train.

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