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21 Mar '17

Minibeast Home Code Hunter In Action

This is a guest post from Emma who blogs over at Adventures and Play.

I have a confession. Never in my life have I used a QR Code. In fact I never really knew what those strange looking squares were for. However, I was intrigued by the Minibeasts Home Code Hunter activity from the Twinkl Go resources. The activity involves using ready made QR codes to solve where minibeasts live. It was time to leave my comfort zone and overcome my fear of QR codes.

Twinkl Go resources are designed to be used with a computer, mobile device or tablet. You simply download them and 'go'. There are four different styles of Twinkl Go resources. Go Respond activities have editable fields so you can complete the task digitally, Picture Hotspots are interactive images where you click certain areas for further information, Interactive PDF resources are PDFs with interactive elements and finally Code Hunter resources.

Code Hunter resources use QR codes to reveal additional information. QR codes are simply two dimensional barcodes that can be read using any QR reader app on a mobile device or tablet. It took seconds to download a free app onto my iphone and it took even less time for my four year old son to work out how to use it!

Minibeast Home Code Hunter

I wanted to see if the Twinkl Go resources were suitable for Adam, my four year old son. I downloaded the Minibeasts Home Code Hunter resource which contained a question sheet, a handy answer sheet and nine habitat cards which featured the QR code.

Minibeast Home Code Hunter

I placed the Minibeast home sheet onto the table and we discussed what each minibeast was, the different parts of the garden and where he thought each minibeast could be found. I then showed him a habitat card with the QR code. I opened up the QR app on my iphone and demonstrated how he needed to position the code inside the square on the screen. Adam squealed with delight when the screen changed to reveal the written answer showing which minibeast could be found in that habitat. He used his pencil to draw a line between the minibeast and their home.

Minibeast Home Code Hunter

I had expected to demonstrate the activity several times to Adam before he knew what to do. However, he took the iphone out of my hand and immediately could use the QR app independently.

At first I was surprised that the answer was only shown in written form. However, I soon realised that Adam didn't require that additional help. He pointed out that the written word was underneath each minibeast picture so if he couldn't read words such as "woodlouse" then he could match the two words together.

Minibeast Home Code Hunter

The activity initiated lots of additional discussion about minibeast habitats and why certain minibeasts preferred particular environments. Once Adam had matched all nine minibeasts to their habitats I had expected him to go onto something else. However, he wanted me to print off another question sheet so he could do the activity again straight away.

The activity has changed my view of QR readers and I can see the huge potential within a classroom and homeschool environment. It is a great way of using IT across the curriculum and it immediately engaged Adam’s interest. We will no doubt be trying other Twinkl Go resources and I may even feel brave enough to make my own QR Code Treasure Hunt thanks to Twinkls tips.

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