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17 Mar '17

Quick Facts and Activities for Harmony Day

Harmony Day: 21st March

Harmony Day is celebrated each year on the 21st of March. It is a time to celebrate our culturally diverse background. As we all know, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have lived in Australia for thousands and thousands of years. They were settled here way before the white British people, however this is often overlooked.

Australia is such a multicultural country with people coming from many varied backgrounds like Italy, Greece, England, Vietnam, Ireland, Korea, plus many more! With all of these different cultures present within our country, we are exposed to many different ways of cooking, eating, dressing, speaking and believing.

At the end of the day, Harmony Day is a day about celebrating these differences and leaning about new cultures.


Need some inspiration this Harmony Day? Check out some of our resource packs, activities and displays that you can do with your children.


1. Harmony Day Display Pack

Display Pack Harmony Day

2. Harmony Day Activity Pack

Activity Pack Harmony Day

3. Harmony Day PowerPoint Presentation

Powerpoint Harmony Day

4. Harmony Day Poster

Poster Harmony Day

5. Harmony Day Display Bunting

Bunting Harmony Day

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