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22 Feb '17

Reveiw of Ronald the Rhino Twinkl eBook

We were excited to hear that Twinkl has a new ebook available - Ronald The Rhino. In true Twinkl style there are a wide range of resources to accompany the story. We wanted to put some of these new resources to the test.

Rhino eBook by Twinkl

I have to admit that this was the first time I had used an ebook. Up until now I’ve only used traditional books as a teacher and as a parent. However, I can now see the advantages of using an ebook. As a parent it is a great way of storing several books on one device so that you can read stories whilst out and about. As a teacher the story could be used on an Interactive Whiteboard for whole class use whilst children could have their own individual copies on iPads or tablets. Twinkl has ensured that Ronald the Rhino is available across all platforms either as an ebook, PDF document or as a PowerPoint.

Downloading the ebook onto an iPad was straightforward and it meant we could immediately enjoy the story together. Due to the repetition within the story and its rhyming style, Adam was able to read several parts of the book independently.

Twinkl ebook

The eBook is a beautiful, heartwarming story about friendship and self-confidence. Ronald’s friends help him to realise how special he truly is.

What makes Ronald the Rhino ebook different is the cross curricular approach to the related resources. Although stories usually lend themselves to literacy based activities, Twinkl has a wide range of teaching materials that can be used to enhance not only literacy lessons but also numeracy, music, PSHE and science sessions.

With this in mind I wanted to see how my four year old would manage the numeracy activities related to the eBook. Although the story is aimed at Key Stage 1 I witnessed first hand the benefits of using the resources with younger children. My four year old Reception child was able to access many of the resources with a little help.

The Count and Add Activity Sheet used characters from the story who Adam immediately recognised. He was able to add the number of animals and write the answer in the given box. This was a great little activity to warm up ready for some number bonds.

Ronald the Rhino number bond

The Muddy Mess Number Bonds to 10 Activity required Adam to help Ronald look more like Leopard. He had to draw on muddy spots so he had a total of 10. There is also a similar sheet for number bonds to 20.

Ronald the Rhino mosaic

Both Adam and myself were interested to see the outcome of using the Addition Maths Mosaic. There are three mosaics to download. Adam had to solve the maths problems in order to reveal the hidden picture. He used the Rhino 100 square to help him work out each addition. He had no idea what was hidden and was very excited whilst working out the additions.

This was just the tip of the iceberg for the many related activities to the eBook. The majority of the resources come with differentiated activities to suit all abilities. There are also Ronald the Rhino display ideas, bunting and even a board game to download. Ronald the Rhino is not just an eBook but a whole topic of learning opportunities.

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