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13 Apr '17

SATs - May 2017

SATs You Can Do This

It's almost that time of year again when year 6 teachers across the UK will be in the final stages of preparing their classes for SATs.

We all know how hard teachers work, and how much the tests are used for accountability measures. But we want to take a moment to remind year 6 teachers that they're not alone. The tests measure just a teeny tiny fraction of all the great work that goes on in schools and they are what they are.

We know you recognise the children in your classes for all the fabulous things that they do that aren't tested. You know which children are artistic, the ones who are in drama groups, those who dance, sing or play musical instruments. You felt proud when the school netball team won their match and when the footballers kept smiling despite a massive loss to the neighbouring school. We know that you have children who take care of their siblings when they get home.  You listen patiently when your children tell you about the latest computer game they have mastered, or bring in their show and tell treasures.  We know you have children in your class who see school as their safe place and you, their teachers , as their heroes and role models. We know there are children who go home and care for relatives, those who have to make their own tea or even go hungry. We know there are those who speak their own language at home and are learning new words in English every day. That the children you teach each and every day look forward to coming in to see you and learn. That there are those who have made huge steps with their confidence, their friendships, their resilience. Those who have fought illness, but always have the time for a smile. All these things and many more that you know about the children that you teach.

That's why you are a teacher - that's why you work with children. You make a difference, you matter to those children.

So, don't stress too much about the tests - use the run up to remind your class how great they are at all the things that the tests don't measure - and that you know they will try their very best. And remind them that there will be lots more going on in class after the SATs to focus on so that they will leave their primary schools with a whole heap of happy memories.  

We have heaps of revision guides and daily starters to use in the run up - a host of resources for you to use after the tests so you can put the tests behind you and do what you do best - TEACH

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