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17 Apr '17

Top 10 First Holy Communion Resources

As any primary teacher with the added responsibility of Sacrament preparation will know, it's an extremely busy time for parents, teachers and children alike. Between displays, prayers and everything else, it's hard not to feel a little overwhelmed! Rest assured, Twinkl's ROI team have been busy preparing a unique range of First Holy Communion resources are designed to make sure preparations run smoothly!

We've compiled a list of our Top 10 First Holy Communion Resources:

Prayers of the Faithful:

As teachers, we have responsibility for the smooth running of the ceremony itself, which can be more than a little daunting! We've put together these Prayers of the Faithful - one less job for you to worry about!First Holy Communion Resources

Communion Mindfulness Colouring Page:

There's no doubt that your children may feel nervous about the pressure of their special day. Take ten minutes, play some relaxing music, and bring a sense of calm to your classroom with this Communion Mindfulness Colouring Page!

First Holy Communion Resources

My Church Writing Activity

You may want to integrate local History and bring your children to visit your local church. Use this write-up activity to include significant facts about your local church such as when it was built or why it was named after a certain saint.

First Holy Communion Resources

Items in the Church Display Posters

Display these posters in or around your Sacred Space to familiarise children with the items they'll see in the church and their religious significance.

First Holy Communion Resources

Write your own Prayer Activity

As First Holy Communion approaches, why not invite children to write their own prayer using this activity sheet.

First Holy Communion Resources


Mass Responses Display Posters

Practice Mass responses with the help of our Mass Responses Display Posters. Display in your Sacred Space or send them home to practice as homework!

First Holy Communion Resources


Communion Invitation Activity

Integrate genre writing and Religion with this Design an Invitation activity. Invite children to create an invitation for godparents, grandparents or other family members to join them on their special day!

First Holy Communion Resources

My Communion Prayer Book

As First Holy Communion approaches, send home this Prayer Book nightly to encourage children to practice their prayers with parents.



First Holy Communion Page Borders

These First Holy Communion Page Borders could be used for a range of activities! Whether they form part of a display in the local Church, or whether you use them for recount writing after the ceremony, it's up to you! 

First Holy Communion Resources


Twinkl Create

Finally, don't forget that anything is possible with Twinkl Create! Whether you want to print certificates, display banners, lettering, colouring sheets or posters; we have a range of Communion specific clipart to suit your needs.

First Holy Communion Resources

Sacrament preparation can be hard work, but rest assured that Twinkl is here to make your life easier!

If you decide to use any of our resources for Holy Communion day, be sure to tag us @twinklroi @twinklresources and use the hashtags #twinklroi #twinklresources. We'd love to see what you've done!


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