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2 Mar '17

Twinkl Supply Teacher Appreciation Week

Supply teachers can sometimes be the forgotten minority in education. Speaking as a supply teacher myself, yes we get little planning to do and after marking is done our evenings are our own but we have irregular working days and pay, can get no notice before work and face children that look to push the boundaries with someone new.

With all this in mind, Twinkl thought that it was overdue that supply teachers received some well-earned praise and so March 6th to 10th is Twinkl's Supply Teacher Appreciation Week.

Supply Teacher Appreciation Week is a celebration of supply staff and the hard work they do, the advice and tips that helps them day-to-day and shine a light on the challenges facing a supply teacher. It's also a week for regular teachers to share their best supply teacher stories, explain what a supply teacher should leave and learn more about life on the other side of teaching.

During Twinkl Supply Teacher Appreciation Week there will be a daily supply based discussion topic in Twinkl's Supply and KS1 support groups on Facebook. There will be a giveaway during the week and a positive, supportive sharing and discussion with a supply focus across Twinkl's teacher communities.

If you're a supply teacher or assistant and you want to share your best practice, experiences and tips for success in the supply sector or if you're a regular teacher wanting to learn more or wanting to praise some supply cover you've had then Twinkl Supply Teacher Appreciation Week is the time and the place.

Supply Teacher Appreciation Week begins Monday 6th March and continues throughout the following week across Twinkl's Facebook support groups and Twitter accounts.

There are freebies up for grabs in the Supply Teacher Group - you can join here.


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