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22 Mar '17

Why Do You Teach?

Teaching is challenging, it really is. There's no other way to describe it. All encompassing, emotionally involving, the children are on your mind day and night. But it's also amazing. When you're involved with the education of children - as a teacher, home educator, parent, childminder, grand parent... it's the best thing in the world, because you're truly making a difference. Having said that, it's still really hard, and we want to acknowledge that too.

why do you do it

So, we asked a group of teachers to tell us about the hardest parts of teaching - but the reasons they do it anyway. See what they had to say in our video here.

What's more, we want to hear about the reasons you teach (you don't have to be a teacher to teach!) - and there's a prize in it for one lucky winner! The question is - why do you do it? Print out our Why Do You Do It sign, and write on the reasons you teach in big writing. Take a photo of yourself with your sign, then share to our Facebook page under the pinned post with hashtag #WhyITeach. We'll choose a winner at random on Thursday 6th April at midday to win one of these awesome parachutes from our friends at TTS. (terms and conditions apply). We'll also choose other winners at random to receive other Twinkl goodies.

Why not share it to your own social media channels using #WhyITeach and tag three friends to "pass it on". :)

We kindly ask that we all keep this really positive - as reminding ourselves why we do what we do can only be a good thing.

TTS parachute

Let's raise the happiness levels in teaching and contribute to our own well-being - but collectively! 

Ask yourself - why do you it?

Terms and conditions

UK entrants only.

Winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator.



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