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27 Feb '17

Workload Agreement

In October 2014, the workload challenge survey was opened by the DFE (Department for Education). More than 44,000 responses were submitted which led to the publication of the workload challenge response (see here

This led to the formation of 3 independent review groups to look at the biggest concerns raised:  marking, planning & resources and data management. Links to those groups can be found here:

Most recently (24th February 2017) a poster and pamphlet have been released by the DfE with the intention that these will be widely seen by the whole teaching community. The poster and pamphlet can be found here:

With teacher retention and recruitment at crisis level, these guidelines certainly do seem to address some of the main concerns raised.

How have you used these in your school? Have you seen a difference?

Here at Twinkl, our range of high quality resources and planning will certainly help save time on planning , assessment , marking and resources. We would love to know if there are ways we can help teachers spend less time on these so they can focus on the teaching and learning.

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