Dance Day

Apr 29th - Nov 30th

Dance Day
Dance Day
Suggested by Twinkl on Aug 22nd

Dance Day is a yearly event, aimed at attracting the attention of the public to the art of dance. This day celebrates the bringing together of people from different cultures as well as a respect and understanding of diversity. Why not join in the events or simply discuss other countries and cultures with your class? Find out more at the International Dance Council Website

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  • Jun 29th

    I love dancing and this is always a fun thing to do.

  • Jul 13th

    Been thinking about it and I am going encourage my SMC to organise dance routines for our youth service

  • Jul 12th

    Very interesting, shame it is school hols

  • Jul 9th

    It looks very interesting what a pity this year i am not going to be in London during this time.