The Sydney Festival

Jan 7th - Jan 26th

Suggested by Gleek123 on Jul 2nd

Every year in January, the Harbour City comes alive to celebrate of one of the most popular festivals in Australia, the Sydney Festival. The event is one big cultural celebration, transforming Sydney into one big city of music, dance and visual spectacle. More than a million tourists visit Sydney to witness this explosion of culture and arts. First held in 1977, this annual event features a vast selection of cultural shows that will surely delight an artistic soul, including contemporary and classical music, circus, drama, dance, visual arts, theatre, and many more. More than 300 performances and 80 events involving more than a thousand artists from Australia and other parts of the world are showcased in this festival. These programs occupy the theatres and galleries all over Sydney. While the Sydney Festival was establish primarily to bring the local people together during the summer holiday month, this time the whole world is there to watch. To find out more, check out Sydney Festival

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