What are the differences between the subscription packages and can I upgrade?

Let's chat more about the packages available on Twinkl

Over the last five years, we have invested a significant amount of money in hundreds of thousands of new resources, planning and assessment materials and new schemes of work. To reflect this, we now have the following packages - Gold, Platinum Classic, Platinum PlanIt, Platinum Foundation and Platinum Plus. 

For up-to-date information about our pricing, please take a look here

You are now free to choose from:

  • Our Gold membership is the lowest Premium subscription we provide and includes display borders, sound mats, word searches and display lettering.
  • Our Platinum Classic subscription allows you to access our general bank of teaching resources. Please take a look at our Classic User Guide for further information click here.
  • Platinum PlanIt gives you access to all of our PlanIt planning and assessment packs found in this area of the site. These have been specifically written to meet the objectives of the 2014 UK National Curriculum. Please take a look at our PlanIt User Guide for further information - click here.
  • Our EYFS planning and assessment materials are available within the Platinum Foundation subscription. For further information, please click here.
  • For full access to all of the lovely resources on the site, our Platinum Plus subscription combines all of our different memberships into one handy package - click here.
    All of our subscriptions are payable annually.


    • If you would like to renew or upgrade your subscription, you can do so here! (you will need to log in to see your special pricing)

    Twinkl is, and always will be a community effort - and we want to thank you for your continued support in making Twinkl what it is, and will be in the future!

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