Which currency can I use for payment?

We have a wide range of currencies that are supported for payment. If your currency isnâ??t on the list your payment will be processed in US dollars using that dayâ??s exchange rate for your currency.

â?¢ AUD - Australian Dollar

â?¢ BRL - Brazilian Real 

â?¢ CAD - Canadian Dollar

â?¢ CHF - Swiss Franc

â?¢ CZK - Czech Koruna

â?¢ DKK - Danish Krone

â?¢ EUR - Euro

â?¢ GBP - Great Britain Pound

â?¢ HKD - Hong Kong Dollar

â?¢ HUF - Hungarian Forint

â?¢ ILS - Israeli New Shekel

â?¢ JPY - Japanese Yen 

â?¢ MXN - Mexican Peso

â?¢ NOK - Norwegian Krone

â?¢ NZD - New Zealand Dollar

â?¢ PHP - Philippine Peso

â?¢ PLN - Polish Zloty

â?¢ RUB - Russian Ruble

â?¢ SGD - Singapore Dollar

â?¢ THB - Thai Baht

â?¢ TWD - New Taiwan Dollar 

â?¢ USD - U.S. Dollar

If you'd like to discuss your payment options in more detail, please get in touch and we'll be happy to chat!

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