I have paid for a premium subscription, but I can't download any resources!

Oh no! Never fear, we'll have your subscription up and running again in no time! Please run through the following steps to troubleshoot for common issues:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to the website. When logged in, your username should display in the top right hand corner of the website:

    Username Display

  2. If you have only just subscribed and have never downloaded any premium resources using your subscription, please double check that your account has definitely been upgraded. You can do this by hovering over your username in the top right hand corner of the website and selecting My Payment History from the drop-down menu that appears.

    This will take you to a page that will show any payments you have made to Twinkl, including the start and expiry dates for any subscriptions you have:

    Payment History Page

    If your subscription is active and you still can't download any resources, or you have only just paid for premium but don't appear to have a subscription, please contact us and we'll look further into this for you.

  3. If you don't appear to have an active subscription and you have downloaded resources in the past, please double check that you are logged in using the correct login details.

    If you have multiple email addresses, you can log out and try logging back in using any other email addresses you have. (Please pay careful attention to any error messages you receive when doing this if you are unsure about which email address you used to join Twinkl! They will tell you whether the account exists but the password you are entering is incorrect, or if there is no record of the email address you are trying to log in with.)

  4. If you have tried following the steps above and are still unable to access your premium subscription, please do get in touch.

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