Twinkl Go

What is Twinkl Go?

Twinkl Go is our new range of products that are designed to be used with a computer, mobile device or tablet – all you have to do is download them and ‘go’. Our Twinkl Go products are not traditional teaching resources nor do they limit you to traditional teaching spaces. Instead, they aim to provide new methods of teaching and learning by utilising modern advancements in technology.

How do I use a Twinkl Go resource?

Code Hunter resources

Our Code Hunter resources use QR codes*. These are readable codes which reveal additional information. You can read these codes by using any QR reader app on a mobile device or tablet.

*QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

Go Respond resources

All Go Respond resources have been designed with editable fields which allow children to complete an activity digitally. We recommend that you download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader app in order to effectively use these resources.

Picture Hotspots

Picture Hotspots are interactive images with click-able areas. Children can engage with the resource directly by clicking on the hotspot buttons. They are perfect to help stimulate discussions or encourage interest in a topic. We recommend that you use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to get the most out of these resources.

Interactive PDF resources

Some of our resources have been created as interactive PDF files. These are ordinary PDF files with interactive elements built in. You can view these on a computer, mobile device or tablet. In order to efficiently do this, we advise that you download Adobe Acrobat reader.

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