I'd Like to Whitelist Twinkl - Which Domains Do You Use?

Simple Whitelisting

If you are comfortable with using a wildcard whitelist entry, then we'd recommend you simply allow access to *.twinkl.co.uk

Using this wildcard whitelist entry will ensure access is allowed for all our currently used sub-domains, plus any additional ones we may begin to use as Twinkl continually develops.

Granular Whitelisting

If you prefer to use a granular whitelist approach, being happy to occasionally review your policy as we add additional site functionality, then we'd currently recommend the following entries are whitelisted for HTTP/S traffic to ensure full site functionality:








Whitelisting Considerations for International Users

In addition to the standard whitelisting recommendations above if you support users from other geographical regions or users who may use our country specific domain landing pages and you need additional guidance for your specific country then we'd love to hear from you. Twinkl is used by educators from a large majority of the world's countries, so for us to help you out in the best way possible just get in touch with your specific international requirement!

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