I can't log in to my account!

If you are struggling to log in for any reason, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Reset your password
    Whether you've forgotten your username, password, haven't chosen either yet, or just can't seem to log in, resetting your password can help! Simply enter the email address that you used to join Twinkl here and we'll send you an email to reset your password or complete your registration.
  2. Haven't received your email?
    Emails can take up to 10 minutes to arrive at busy times, so thanks for your patience! If you requested a password reset or registration email over 10 minutes ago however and still haven't received it, one of the following may help to get you up and running:
    • Check that the email hasn't been sorted into your spam or junk mail folder in your email account. (If the email is in there, please mark it as from a trusted sender to avoid issues in future!)
    • Ensure your are checking the correct email account - the email will have been sent to the email address you entered on the password reset page
    • Try to reset your password again
  3. Get in touch
    You may have chosen to disable all emails from us which will include password reset emails. If this is the case, or you still just haven’t received your email, please get in touch.
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