Tell me more about the Twinkl fonts!

Twinkl now have two fantastic fonts available to download. Perfect for use in your classrooms and absolutely free for our Premium members! 

Twinkl School Font 

Designed with teachers and industry experts, it is a clear and easy-to-read font aimed at children and young adults. You can download it here.

Twinkl Handwriting Font

Our Twinkl Handwriting Font is aligned with the National Curriculum guidelines to aid the development of handwriting for children of all age groups. Download it here!

Does Twinkl Offer a package/"MSI" for Network Installation?

Twinkl currently does not offer an official MSI for network installations.

What are the Fonts' licensing terms?

The Twinkl fonts are currently licensed only for non-commercial use, by active Twinkl subscribers. For all other usage, please get in touch!

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