Changing Users

How can I make changes to the users in our school?

Making changes is quick and easy, using our online manager. Pop through this link and enter your school admin email address to get started! If you need any help, simply email or contact us by phone..

Can I have one username/account for the whole school?

Due to our account sharing policy, it is not possible to have multiple access via one login. We require each member of staff who wants access to have their own account.

Does each user need their own email address?

In order to set up the individual accounts we require a valid email address for each user. This is used to send them login details and site related information.

Some of our teachers are already users, what will happen to their accounts?

The email addresses of users is required when signing up for a school subscription. If an email is already attached to a Twinkl account (free or paid), the person inputting the order will be alerted and can choose to keep or discard the account. If they choose “keep”, your account will be added to your school package and you can carry on logging in with your existing username and password.

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