1 Sep '14

News 10 new year resolutions for teachers

Keep your classroom tidy, do marking on time and dont take exercise books home. Here, teachers share their resolutions for a new teaching year what are yours?As you embark on a new teaching year its a nice time to reflect on what youve done and what you hope to achieve in coming months. We asked you to tell us over Twitter what you resolve to do (or not to do) this term. Below are some of our favourites now, its just a mattering of sticking to them:@GuardianTeach I resolve to keep the twitter feeds up to date and stick to agendas in meetings #teachersback@GuardianTeach I vow to do more 'walk and talk' & less sit down meetings (where possible) #teachersback@GuardianTeach don't take exercise books home to mark! I managed this in my first year but let it slip last year #NewTermResolution@GuardianTeach have a work/life balance and stop stressing about the small stuff.@GuardianTeach @sloumarsh to be tidier and have a less messy classroom. I also say this every year! This year it'll happen@GuardianTeach I resolve to arrange more fixtures for the school football team! #teachersback.@GuardianTeach I resolve to stay 100% on top of my marking! I resolve to teach practically whenever physically possible! #teachersback@GuardianTeach Talk less, be creative, inspire and be inspired!@GuardianTeach mine is to set more meaningful homework tasks, mark it in good time and mark much more effectively #teachersback@GuardianTeach To engage with parents more and let them know what their children are doing for seven hours each day! #teachersback@GuardianTeach Find a way to make non-engaged students see that they matter and that their voice is needed in the classroom.Mark ASAP, stay positive (37 Y3s in my class! ��) RT @GuardianTeach: Do you have new term resolutions? #teachersback@GuardianTeach To not moan about my wonderful job! #teachersback@GuardianTeach: to not sweat the small stuff and to hold on to the good stuff in deepest darkest autumn term :) #teachersback@GuardianTeach My resolution will be sung whenever necessary "Let it go, let it go" #teachersback@GuardianTeach Resolution: to stop worrying about not being good enough and take time for myself #teachersback Continue reading...

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