12 Nov '14

News A good mix: why ethnic minority pupils boost school achievement

Research published this week says London schools have achieved better GCSE results than the rest of England because they have a higher proportion of ethnic minority pupils. One anonymous teacher who worked in a Hackney secondary school for five years shares his experienceI wasnt surprised to see the research putting the success of London schools at GCSE down to the ethnic diversity of pupils.It comes down to the parents influence. Students whove arrived as migrants recently are generally coming from a place where education is valued for educations sake. Where I teach now, in a rural area, weve got a very homogenous set of students, all from similar backgrounds generation after generation quite happily in a steady state where theyre not forced to improve. If you compare that with a parent and children coming over from a country where there isnt as much opportunity, they do really have to try, and thats a parent-led ideal that gets fed into the student. I met so many students from African and Asian countries that really wanted to learn. Continue reading...

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