15 Aug '14

News A-level pass rate falls, teachers' rival league table and maths tops English

Education roundup: Results day saw a record number of students accepted to university, and maths overtook English as the most popular subject choice A-levels. Results day dominated the news with a record number of pupils accepted into university. Although this year the overall pass rate fell for the first time in more than three decades, a higher proportion of students got A*s (though the number getting all other grades dropped).@GuardianTeach Accept that there will be tears - and try to embrace them - both good & bad. Oh and the students might cry as well as you!I teach English and one of my students ended up taking all of her exams in hospital after being taken seriously ill in the week of exams. We spoke to the exam board and they were happy to take her prior performance into account, but she wished to take her exams. Shes only gone and got As and A*s. So pleased and proud of her!"I always thought the idea of education was to learn to think for yourself." - Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society pic.twitter.com/4N9aBifgvh Continue reading...

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