14 Aug '14

News A-level results: a toddler could pass but young women in mid-air do best | Dean Burnett

Today is A-level results day. Youre likely to see many columns and opinion pieces written about this, and the writers reflections and advice on the subject. To save you the bother, this post includes all the usual observations, claims and platitudes you can expect from such articlesToday is A-level results day. Congratulations to all those students who worked hard and obtained the A-levels they needed to get the university place theyd hoped for. In todays world of high-unemployment and low wages, more than ever we need to support and encourage those students who have the drive and work ethic to achieve what is needed to at least give them a fighting chance at success in modern society. Also, congratulations to those students who passed their A-levels but didnt quite get the grades they needed for the university place they needed. Dont worry, there are still plenty of options available to you, such as clearing. Most people will tell you that it doesnt matter where you go to university, just as long as you do. Employers are looking for the sort of person who is willing and able to get a degree, not where it comes from. So dont panic, youll be fine. Continue reading...

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