20 Aug '14

News A-level successes in Newham | @guardianletters

In a piece on A-level results (A-level results at first free school sixth form college are envy of top schools, 14 August), you quote the headmaster of the Newham-based 16-18 free school, the London Academy of Excellence, saying: In Newham, there were hundreds and thousands of young people who wanted to do traditional A-levels. In the past they couldnt do them because there was no one to provide them. Either they were having to go to school in the surrounding boroughs or if they couldnt afford to do that they were having to take places at colleges here that didnt provide biology, maths and history. They were having to do BTECs, GNVQs and that type of thing.This will have come as quite a surprise to the many thousands of students who have taken A-level subjects at Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc) over the last 20 years, many of whom have progressed to competitive degree courses in selective universities. Our teachers returning to work yesterday were also somewhat bemused to find their teaching of a very wide range of A-levels (all those offered at LAE plus many more) airbrushed from history. Continue reading...

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