31 Oct '14

News A recipe for great teachers, absence guidance and hidden costs of education

Education round up: A report challenges the effectiveness of popular teaching techniques, families struggle with the cost of sending children to school and teachers share half term activtiesGreat teachers. A new report from The Sutton Trust, which looks at what teaching techniques work and how teachers should be assessed, has found that popular approaches, such as lavishing praise on pupils and encouraging students to discover key ideas for themselves, may be harmful.@GuardianTeach #HalfTerm baking pic.twitter.com/22hDfa2OlU@GuardianTeach #halftermteachers There's nothing like a good book :) pic.twitter.com/4h4Xf8W3ND@GuardianTeach curled up like a cat, with a wobbly pile of unread books; and some excellent DVDs pic.twitter.com/44m292GkuS Continue reading...

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