15 Jul '14

News Abstinence sex education doesn't work. It teaches lies to ill-informed virgins | Jessica Valenti

Teens whether you like the idea of them having sex or not deserve information that can keep them healthy. Anything else is criminal Plus: Women like sex stop making 'health' excuses for why we use birth controlWhen you send your child off to school, you expect her to learn math, literature and science. Maybe some athletics thrown in for good measure. What most parents don't count on, however, is for their kids to be told that condoms cause cancer and that women get cervical cancer because of "promiscuity". Or that "each time a sexually active person gives that most personal part of himself or herself away, that person can lose a sense of personal value and worth." Yet this is exactly the kind of nonsense taught to students every day thanks to religiously-based, abstinence-only sex education programs.These false, ideologically-driven programs are turning out sexually illiterate young people whose lives and health are put in literal danger by "educators" handing out false information. All this, just so your teenager might be scared straight enough to forgo sex for a few extra months. Continue reading...

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