9 Jul '14

News Alan Wood: the go-to fixer for child protection | Patrick Butler

The children's services chief brutally revamped social work in Hackney and now he's not afraid to champion outsourcingShortly after he arrived at the helm of Hackney's then dismally failing schools just over a decade ago, Alan Wood was taken aside by a well-meaning headteacher. The eager newbie would swiftly go the way of his predecessors, the head warned. Wood just wouldn't "get" Hackney: "You're just another one in a long line, you'll be gone in five minutes, you don't know anything about it."Wood replied, that if nothing else, he at least understood intimately this socially deprived patch of east London: "I said: 'If you get on the 277 bus outside the town hall and you go a mile and a half, get off and walk 200 yards, that's where I went to school. I come from the east end, I come from Stepney. Don't tell me what it is like to live on a council estate in a family of 10 kids. Don't tell me about migration mix because that was there when I was at school. Don't tell me about poverty." Continue reading...

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