18 Jul '14

News An entire school uniform for just £4. How is it done?

Aldi's aggressive entry into school uniform market comes as it undercuts rivals with cut-price clothing, cutting its own marginsIt's an offer that sounds too good to be true an entire school uniform for just £4. For less than the cost of a week's school dinners you can put two polo shirts, a sweater and a pair of trousers or skirt in your shopping trolley along with your groceries at German discounter Aldi.Back-to-school is always a key battleground for the major retailers as the school holidays get under way but Aldi's aggressive entry into the schoolwear market has prompted the kind of price shock not seen since the heady days of the £2 Asda chicken back in 2007. The big question is how is it possible to make, let alone ship halfway across the world and then sell a uniform for such a low price? Continue reading...

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