11 Nov '14

News Anna Craft obituary

Our friend and colleague Anna Craft, who has died aged 52 of cancer, championed the role of creativity in education. She coined the term possibility thinking to describe the move from what is to what might be in a problem-solving, route-finding approach to creativity an inescapable requirement in todays fast-changing world.Her book Creativity Across the Primary Curriculum (2000) discussed how this approach needs to be cultivated from the earliest years. Creativity and Education Futures: Learning in a Digital Age (2011) led to further research into childrens creativity in science and mathematics, and teenagers creative engagement in digital gaming. Creativity in Schools: Tensions and Dilemmas (2005) addressed questions about the business and ethics of creativity, and explored the responsibilities of teachers and schools in helping students evaluate their activities within and beyond the classroom. Annas research was undertaken in partnership with teachers, documenting and supporting what they were doing to nurture the imagination. Continue reading...

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