24 Jun '14

News 'Bad' parents need support, not judgment | Carlene Firmin

It's ludicrous to suggest that parents should be fined for children's bad behaviour. Parents need help to deal with problems beyond their controlOver the past eight years I have met and interviewed parents of young people. Some of their children had been mugged on buses on the way to school. Others described how their children have been groomed by older men to sell drugs in the local neighbourhood or to hold weapons for them.And then there are the accounts of parents who struggled to keep hold of and support their children when adults, or their own peers, have sought to sexually exploit them. On all occasions parents stated that they could not protect their children alone. Whether they were being supported by organisations from the voluntary sector, such as Pace, which works with parents of sexually exploited young people, or individuals who stuck by them when no one else would, those parents said that they needed to be backed, not blamed. Continue reading...

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