20 Jun '14

News Behold, Michael Gove, the Caesar of the schooling system | Hugh Muir

No discussion, no consensus Gove has reacted to 'Trojan horse' by handing himself the power to define 'British values' and to close schools, while preaching localismBehold, for the first time, the new protocol for the running of schools in England and Wales. If the results don't go so well, ring Michael Gove. If the stopcock in the boy's toilet begins to stick, ring Michael Gove. If one of the governors expresses views not to your tastes; he's always there, his door is always open ring Michael Gove. Where once there was autonomy, with trained professionals and committed volunteers pulling together to tailor their schools to the particular needs of their communities, now there is Michael Gove. Not so much the secretary of state for education. More the Caesar of the schooling system. Continue reading...

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