17 Oct '14

News Bilingual pupils, sick leave fury and holiday crackdown results

Education round up: Children who speak more than one language may perform better in lessons, while headlice, conjunctivitis and tonsillitis are no longer reasons to keep students off sick in WalesGood week forBilingual pupils. Could speaking another language be an advantage to learning? New research shows that children who speak at least two languages at home outperform monolingual peers in a noisy lesson as they are more likely to filter out disruptive noises. The writer raises an issue that schools are pretty inept at addressing. This is not helped by the culture of misplaced fear and half baked myths around transgenderism. Some experts estimate that 1:100 will be transgendered. In a school of 1,000 that could be at least 10 pupils. Yet the issue is barely addressed in PSHE or sex education. How isolated these pupils must feel. In our schools we will also at times work with colleagues who will be transgendered. I would expect that in a "caring" profession colleagues would be empathetic and supportive. However, even when a school adopts a supportive approach you cannot determine the response of the media or the more bigoted parents. The disgraceful reporting by some of the media on Lucy Meadows, a teacher who changed sex and was being supported by her colleagues/school, was a shameful indictment of how backward attitudes can be. Indeed, some journalists of certain right wing rags should reflect long and hard on how they reported this situation.Year 10 loved the post-it planning today. #engchatuk @HeadofEnglish pic.twitter.com/aqsSmlLzsG@GuardianTeach not me. Not ever. Everyday is different & special. Yes it's hard work, yes it's pressure heavy... But it's the best job ever Continue reading...

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