22 Jul '14

News Breathing life into modern foreign language A-levels

Proposals for changes to the A-level curriculum focus on reinvigorating passion for languagesAs part of its revamp of the A-level curriculum, the government has launched a consultation on the way modern languages are taught at sixth form. If introduced, the changes herald a real boost to the teaching of A and AS modern languages, that could help reinvigorate subjects which have been waning in schools and universities.The proposals take in those of wider reports on A-level content by the A Level Content Advisory Board (ALCB), set up by the Russell Group. It is proposing "significant changes designed to produce a rich and rewarding qualification". The report focuses on the three modern foreign languages most widely taught in the UK French, German and Spanish but also on ancient Greek and Latin. In the executive summary, the report notes that the panel was guided by the view that:"The study of modern foreign and ancient languages at AS and A level is valuable in developing communication skills and critical thinking, in gaining insight into other societies and cultures that can only be achieved through the language and in enriching the lives of students." Continue reading...

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