28 Oct '14

News Camerons schools speech was an admission of failure over education | Estelle Morris

His announcement over regional commissioners was really an acknowledgement that the coalition has got it wrong since 2010Did anyone else notice that debate on schools policy was strangely absent from this years party conferences? Education received no more than a passing mention. Its all a long way from the days when it was almost guaranteed a central spot in any leaders speech. Education, education, education seems to have given way to health, health, health. Although the emphasis on the NHS is entirely understandable given the challenges it faces, I hope that the relative silence on schools isnt a sign that the parties think all is well.The reality is very different. If proof were needed, it came in a recent speech from the prime minister. What masqueraded as an announcement of new ideas to get tough on failing schools if the Tories win the next election was nothing less than an admission that the policies at the very centre of the coalitions education strategy since 2010 have failed. Continue reading...

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