28 May '14

News Can Ofsted inspections galvanise change for children's services?

Ofsted's national director for social care believes that far from being a 'hindrance', effective inspections can support professionalsChildren and young people regularly tell us that inspection is a force for good in their lives. They tell us that their voices are often lost in the agendas that adults prioritise and the conversations they have. Understanding and evaluating their experiences, the progress they make, and the help that they need from the services we inspect and regulate, is Ofsted's first priority.As Prof Ray Jones points out in his article discussing the causes of inadequate child protection services, Ofsted inspections are challenging and demanding experiences for those who are inspected. He also highlights a wider, continuing debate about the use of judgments in inspection, the way in which inspections are carried out, and indeed the value they add. Continue reading...

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