3 Aug '14

News Common Core goes from unifying standard to divisive hot potato

Ideological opposition to an education policy adopted by 45 states has led some parents to school their children at homeWhen Jenni White worked in a charter school founded by Janet Barresi, she was impressed by how hard Barresi worked and how well she organised. When Barresi ran for state superintendent of education in Oklahoma in 2010, White wholeheartedly supported her, even staking out pro-Barresi lawn signs.Less than four years later, White, now president of Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE), was so disillusioned with Barresi that she not only pulled her three children out of the states school system entirely but also urged ROPE supporters to vote against her in the primary. Barresi was trounced, coming bottom of the field.What theyre often finding is curricular material that has been written elsewhere, in places that are absolutely not traditional; that they are politically progressive, extreme liberal propaganda. Thats horrific. Continue reading...

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