31 Mar '13

News Dangerous dogs: news and resources round up

After a teenager in Wigan was killed by a pack of dogs, we pull together news stories, stats, multimedia and teaching resources to explore the subject in class

The death of 14 year-old Jade Anderson, who was killed by dogs last week in Wigan, has focussed attention on control of the animals in the UK. With around a quarter of students coming from dog-owning households and children under 10 making up one in six of those admitted to hospital for a dog bites, the subject is ripe for discussion in primary and secondary PSHE and citizenship classrooms as well as in tutor time.

From the Guardian

Teenage girl found dead in house with 'aggressive' dogs
Jade Anderson was believed to have been just visiting the house in Wigan where she was found alone with five "aggressive and out of control" dogs by police.

Tribute to Jade - video
Headteacher Jan Garretts and Jade Anderson's friends and neighbours speak of their shock at Jade's tragic death and about the problem dogs in their neighbourhood.

Dog bite datablog
The latest data shows that 6,447 people were admitted to hospital for dog bites in 2011-12 - a 5.2% rise on the previous year, with under 10s accounting for the highest rate. Bites in the north-east of England are twice as bad as those in London and the south-east. Lots of fascinating graphs and stats on dog bites.

London kids and status dogs: a defence
Blogger Kate Belgrave defends the stereotype of ruthless working-class youths and their "freaky pitbull mutants".

Dogs to be microchipped
All dogs in England will have to be microchipped from 2016 as part of government attempt to make pet owners more responsible for their animals. Over 110,000 stray dogs are picked up each year and around half can't be identified, which costs the taxpayer £57 million.

Dog attack law to cover incidents on private property
More than 3,000 postal workers are attacked a year but a loophole in the law prevents police from taking action against owners of dogs that attack people on private property. That's going to change in 2016. But is it too little, too late?

Status dogs in China - in pictures
Among China's wealthy, Tibetan mastiffs catch fetch prices of around £500,000. Fiercely loyal and protective, the mastiffs are descendants of dogs used for hunting by nomadic tribes in Central Asia and Tibet.

Dog breeding - how one man changed the shape of dogs to come
The history of breeding pedigree dogs is fascinating stuff. Discover how Victorian dog breeder John Henry Walsh paved the way for the pedigree dog breeds we know today.

On the Guardian Teacher Network

Dog owning guide
The basic need-to-know info for every would-be dog owner from the Dogs Trust.

Create your dogs assembly
Guide on using peer-led learning to help groups of secondary students to prepare and deliver an assembly, workshop or display on the importance of responsible dog ownership.

Safe and sound around dogs
This teachers' guide from the Kennel Club contains worksheets, advice, cartoons and activities on how children can minimise the risk of being bitten and learn to 'speak dog'.

Animals and us: exploring rights and responsibilities
A resource of activities and info for primary school teachers exploring rights and responsibilities, animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

Dog colouring fun
For early years and key stage one - a dog walking nicely on his lead to beautify.

Guide dogs school puppy resources
Investigate the amazing qualities of dogs in this teaching resource by Guide Dogs UK. How can schools help turn a tiny puppy into a life-changing guide dog?

Best of the web

Staffies. They're softer than you think
Battersea Dogs Home explains how, with the right handling, Staffordshire bull terriers are a loyal and loving breed.

Take the lead with Bat and Zee
Battersea Dogs & Cats home have created this great animation to help primary school pupils avoid being bitten.

Banned dogs in the UK
A list of dogs it is against the law to own in the UK, which includes the pit bull terrier. Trouble is, there is no description of the dogs in the law which makes identification difficult.

British Veterinary Association on dangerous dog
Useful site which sets out the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991 (with amendment of 1997) and the BVA's action and views on it.

Dog control bill
Nice summary of the bill that is not yet law dealing with irresponsible dog ownership. The ideas are backed by all the leading animal welfare charities and the police, and led by Lord Redesdale who calls the current dangerous dog act: "one of the worst pieces of legislation to have been taken through parliament".

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