3 Jun '14

News Dear Mr Gove: You are too unexpert to determine young people's reading | Michael Rosen

If books passed between us according to national or linguistic borders, we wouldn't have Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, or Moby Dick, says Michael RosenMy daughter will be doing an exam in three years' time which will have your fingerprints all over it. This is bizarre. I used to think that when I went into the voting booth at a general election I was doing something general. I now know that in 2015, I will be taking part in a process that will decide something as detailed and specific as what book my daughter will have to read for her GCSE.Though I disagree with your policies on academies and free schools, and even though I'm not sure I ever took part in an election where this huge change was flagged up, I can accept that the party that won the most votes thinks that what you're doing is a good idea. What I can't accept is that someone so unexpert and so resistant to policy by consent, should have the power to determine the exact nature of young people's choice of reading. You must know this means that the process by which books arrive in front of students has become politicised. With your direct involvement in putting the following words as a government stipulation: "fiction or drama from the British Isles from 1914 onwards", you have Toryfied the English GCSE. Continue reading...

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