4 Nov '14

News Dear Ms Morgan: PMs school advisers idea is stolen from loony lefties | Michael Rosen

Cameron has nicked a policy that worked for the Inner London Education Authority, which was closed down by the ToriesMy children dont go to academies. They are in schools run by the system that your government has spent a great deal of time rubbishing: local authorities. It is quite possible that before my time as a school parent comes to an end, one or other of my children will have been converted. With the powers of a high priest, you could decide at the stroke of a pen, with no reference to the needs of all children in our locality, that their school should be an academy. In which case, the school would almost certainly be handed over to a chain.As you know from your recent encounter with the Commons education select committee, at this point a whole set of problems starts to kick in. Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted, has said he doesnt have the powers to inspect and report on the overall effectiveness of individual academy chains. Apparently, more than a dozen chains, covering some 177 schools, have been debarred from taking on more academies until improvements are made in their performance. Continue reading...

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