20 Sep '14

News Dear recorder teacher, I'm so sorry | Victoria Coren Mitchell

Far too late, I've realised I should have taken my childhood music lessons more seriouslyWhen I was at school, I got into trouble quite often. Nothing major; I wasn't one for truancy, violence or jacking up in the classroom. It was just cheek, messing about, that sort of thing.It felt like terrible injustice when I was sent out of the room or given a detention but, as a grown-up, my sympathy is almost entirely with the teachers. How dispiriting, if you're attempting to share knowledge with inquiring young minds, to find your charges refusing to engage with quadratic equations or oxbow lakes because they're busy passing round a dictionary with a rude word circled in it. (Or, if they're trickier pupils than I was, knifing each other.) Continue reading...

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