7 Nov '14

News Do young people care about learning foreign languages?

Guardian survey shows what young people think about language learning. Here are the five key points Most language students unable to do more than understand basic phrasesDo young people in the UK care about learning languages? With A-level entries for languages falling over the last few years and acceptances for language degrees last year dipping to the lowest in a decade the simple answer would seem to be no. Or at least, less than they previously did. This is disconcerting news for a country which is not exactly famed for its multilingualism.However, research conducted for the Guardian and British Academy by the polling organisation ICM paints a far more nuanced picture of youth attitudes in the UK. Those committing to language qualifications may have dropped, but of the 1001 young people between the ages of 14-24 interviewed in the survey, almost 20% already speak another language at home with their family, and 70% would be interested in learning another language in the future. Continue reading...

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