14 Aug '14

News Do your A-level grades really matter?

Some teenagers across the country are celebrating their A-level results while others are being consoled. Research shows that it may not be the grades you get but the subjects you do that matter to your future earningsStudents up and down the country will today be collecting their A-level results. While those that perform as well as they expected will receive slaps on the back and congratulations, there will inevitably some who will feel disappointed by how they did. Its tempting to look at whether grades matter and most of the analysis and coverage will focus on this. However, research shows that it is not necessarily the grades you get but the subjects you take that might be making a difference to your future earnings.In England, more students take drama/theatre studies and sociology at Alevel than economics; yet in 2007, the University of Nottingham admitted more than three times as many students with economics than either drama/theatre studies or sociology (Fazackerley and Chant 2008). In the same year, the University of Oxford accepted more students with an Alevel in Latin than business studies, law, psychology and sociology combined (Fazackerley and Chant 2008).Teachers should offer advice and guidance to students that are in the best interests of the students. Schools must resist the temptation of pushing students towards soft subjects merely to improve their own sets of examination results and their positions in school league tables. Continue reading...

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