10 Jun '14

News Don't lengthen the school day all work and no play harms students

More hours at a desk doesn't equal more learning, says school leader Tim Hands, who found that less teaching led to better exam results Not enough hours in the day: more time means more support for studentsRecently, I was speaking at a national conference about careers advice. The questioning turned, as it so frequently does these days, to the length of the school day and the length of the school year. I have pretty firm views on these, not popular in all quarters, but with a lot of family experience behind them.My father left teaching in the independent sector because he had an idealistic and visionary belief in the comprehensive ideal. He ended up running the fourth-largest school in the country. My own background is a bit different: although I was educated in the state sector, I've only taught in the independent sector. But I like to think that we have the same ideals, the same principles, the same fundamental belief in the welfare and interests of the child, which we exercise irrespective of the sector we work in. Continue reading...

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