19 Jul '14

News Dresses, limos, exhausted parents: all the fun of the primary school prom

The transition to 'big school' used to be a quiet affair. Now, with spectacular parties, teacher tributes and lavish ceremonies, the end of term is becoming more stressful than ChristmasShould you happen to see a stretch limousine cruising along your street in the next few days, the chances are that there is not a reality TV star lurking inside. It will almost certainly be filled with colourfully dressed, giggling 11-year-olds.End-of-term madness has gripped British primary schools. Once upon a time the nerve-racking rite of passage from primary to secondary school was marked with a valedictory speech from the headteacher and a bit of felt-pen shirt-signing in the playground. There might possibly have been a disco featuring cups of orange squash, iced-ring biscuits and emotional parents lining the walls of the school hall. Continue reading...

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