26 Sep '14

News Educating the East End has changed my life | Joe Bispham

Channel 4s series inspired me to become a teacher. I was proud to be part of something that puts to bed tired stereotypes about teachers and teenagersNicky Morgan, the new education secretary, said recently that she thinks teachers have an image problem. She even suggested that our popularity in the public domain has sunk to the gutter levels occupied by MPs. I have worked in both industries and think the secretary of state should know I receive a vastly different reaction when I tell people I am a teacher compared with when I said I worked anywhere near one of her esteemed colleagues.I do agree that the public may not always understand just how challenging work in schools can be. Documentaries about schools are vital as they raise awareness of this in the public consciousness. Then again, I could be biased. Channel 4s Educating... series changed my life. There, Ive said it. I cannot walk down a street in east London without someone shouting bantaah, Ill stab you in the penis or So what did you get in your observation? A stranger hugged me outside Sainsburys. While these changes have all been great there is one that stands out above all others: the Educating... series is responsible for pointing me in the direction of a career in teaching. Continue reading...

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